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Cacao Almond
Hint of Peppermint
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​Snack Clean. No Compromises.

After years of working with busy clients who needed healthy and portable snacks, Lauren was unable to find a healthy bar that she truly felt good about recommending! There are SO many bars on the market, and they each offer something valuable. But, Lauren found that she and her clients were always compromising on something: sugar content, protein quality, chemical preservatives, ingredients that her clients didn't recognize, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, etc.

Lauren finally decided to cut the compromise and create something herself. Enter Golda Bar!

Chock full of organic and whole food ingredients, high quality grass fed protein, healthy fats from coconut oil, and soluble fiber, Lauren developed a bar that supports healthy Diabetes and blood sugar management, satiety, and healthy nutritional balance. No compromises!
Whole-Food Based Snack Bar

Organic Ingredients
Gluten Free

15 Grams of Grass fed Protein
15 Grams of Soluble Fiber
Just 2 Grams of Sugar
Whole-Food Based Snack Bar

Organic Ingredients
Gluten Free

18 Grams of Grass fed Protein
13 Grams of Soluble Fiber
Lightly Sweetened with Coconut Nectar
Golda Bar has been Lauren’s brainchild for a while. She’s poured her experience and expertise, not to mention her love and enthusiasm, in to creating this amazing nutrition bar. And it shows! It gives me a healthy, clean boost of energy when I’m out tackling the mountains, and I’m going to recommend it to my patients and fellow athletes as a stand-out in a crowded field.
                                                                         ~ Christiane S
Golda Bar gives me the kind of fuel I need with the kind of taste I want. Each bar is nourishing for my body and delightful to my senses. I can’t think of a better combination.
              ~ Drew, Former Division I Student-Athlete