Lauren Minchen Nutrition

~ Meal Planning and Preparation:
    - Initial assessment of your nutrition needs and taste     preferences
    - Recipe and menu development
    - Meal preparation (includes grocery shopping, cooking,     and packaging for fridge or freezer storage)
    - Feedback survey to ensure your satisfaction with     services and menus

~ Grocery Shopping Services
    - Initial assessment of your nutrition needs and taste     preferences
    - Recipe and menu development
    - Shopping trip for menu ingredients

~ Culinary Classes
    - Initial assessment of your culinary, cuisine, and nutrition     interests
    - 60 to 90-minute class in your home or office that     provides a fun, collaborative environment to learn a     range of culinary skills, the basics of various cuisines,     and how to create healthier versions of your favorite     dishes
    - What you'll get: a fun, creative time of learning, greater     confidence in the kitchen and healthy meal prep     techniques that provide a strong foundation for     preparing your own nutritious meals
Lauren's Culinary Services
Optimal health and wellness is best achieved with balanced, nutritious meals. Lauren offers her culinary services to make achieving your health goals even easier. Lauren will work with you to develop recipes and menus that meet your unique needs and preferences. She creates her recipes from a whole foods-based approach and can provide complete menus for a variety of diets. Additionally, Lauren offers grocery shopping services and culinary classes in the comfort of your own home or office. Achieving optimal health through good nutrition starts in your kitchen.

Culinary Packages:
If you have any question concerning prices, services or packages, please don't hesitate to contact Lauren. She will work with you to determine the package or service that best meets your nutritional and lifestyle needs.