Lauren Minchen Nutrition

Over the years, Lauren has worked with thousands of clients. Here are what some of them love most about their experience!
"Lauren was very attentive and answered all of my questions and was very helpful in offering additional details on certain facts/myths about dieting and eating clean." 
                                       ~ Jessica C
"She was extremely nice and professional, her feedback was immediate and she sent me an email before I was even able to get back to work with all the information she promised she would give me. She was excellent."
                                      ~ Roberto M
"Lauren was really helpful in explaining how different foods impacted my diet. I went in with very little understanding and left with a lot of information that made me feel confident that I could switch to a healthier lifestyle. I appreciated that she listened to my concerns and really took them into account in our discussion."
                                  ~ Samantha G
What Lauren's Clients Love Most
"Lauren is a serious professional, she is both personable and direct. She can help you create a solution for your nutrition that works for you and devise the plan to make it easy and supportive to your growth curve."
                                       ~ Jeremy C
"Have been working with Lauren for several months now. I think she's excellent. She's been extremely helpful in educating me on nutrition and gently guiding me to make better choices in my eating without shaming me for the habits that led me into her office."
                                     ~ Kimberly S